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Mr Morley recently presented a paper at the European Association of Plastic Surgeons on the subject of facial reanimation surgery in complex cases. The conference was held in Helsinki in May 2019. The presentation concerned techniques for restoring the smile in patients who had had damage to either the facial nerve or the muscles that […]

revision rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most challenging plastic surgery procedures – the nose is the central feature of the face with a complex structure and the nose job has to enhance the appearance of the nose while improving or maintaining nasal function. A revision or secondary, rhinoplasty is typically more demanding of a […]

facelift results

A facelift is a major investment for patients – both financially, but also in terms of their recovery time and emotional commitment. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a common concern is how to protect the results of their facial rejuvenation procedure. Here are 5 ways you can help to prolong your facelift results: #1: Follow […]

liposuction recovery

Recently released UK cosmetic surgery figures found that many popular procedures had stayed relatively static from the previous year, but one op that saw significant growth was liposuction. It’s no surprise that lipo is such a popular cosmetic surgery procedure as many of us struggle to eradicate stubborn pockets of excess body fat, however, committed […]

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