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Rhinoplasty: An informed choice

Posted on 17th May, 2013

Consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Stephen Morley, who offers rhinoplasty in Glasgow, explains the common factors behind embarking on this procedure.

The nose is the central focus of your facial features and many patients seeking rhinoplasty in Glasgow are self-conscious, believing their nose is too big, misshapen or sometimes even too small. It’s important not to underestimate the psychological affect of this and many Glasgow rhinoplasty patients have spent years avoiding mirrors, cameras or even looking hiding their face in public.

Problems with the external appearance of the nose can also be an indication of internal issues, particularly if they are the result of injury or trauma to the nose. Damage to the septum can cause breathing problems and as well as offering rhinoplasty in Glasgow I am also able to offer septo-rhinoplasty which is an operation to straighten the internal structure of the nose.

Patient selection is very important with rhinoplasty procedures. I do not offer rhinoplasty in Glasgow to younger patients as a rule as any surgery should be delayed to the late teenage patients until the nose has stopped growing. Realistic expectations are a must; it is important that you are clear in your mind and you can articulate what it is you dislike about your nose, so we can establish together whether what you wish to achieve is possible.

Part of my job as a plastic surgeon is to be able to analyse your facial features and establish how best to achieve balance. I might see patients seeking rhinoplasty in Glasgow that believe that the problem is down to their nose being too big. However, f the chin or cheeks are particularly small or flat then that might be addressing as well as the nose may still seem out of balance even after a successful procedure is carried out.

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