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Many people are unhappy with the shape of their nose. The nose is one of the main defining features of the face. Patients may request surgery to correct a problem following trauma or an accident or to improve the appearance of a nose which perhaps does not fit in with other facial features. Some women wish a more feminine looking nose. Surgery on the nose can aim to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance or to correct an obvious abnormality e.g. a prominent nasal hump.

Many aspects of a nose can be changed surgically although rhinoplasty techniques can be very demanding and require substantial experience. To change the outward appearance of the nose, changes need to be made to its underlying framework. Mr Morley has extensive experience in rhinoplasty techniques including both open and closed approaches.

Closed Approach (Endonasal)
The majority of problems with the bony structure of the nose can be improved without leaving any visible scars. Surgery can include nasal hump reduction and narrowing of the nose along with reduction and refinement of the tip of the nose. A splint is worn for a week and recovery time is relatively short.

Open Approach
In some cases it is necessary to make a small cut on the under surface of the nose to allow more accurate correction of the nasal tip. This technique is only necessary if there is a problem which is more complicated than that normally seen in a rhinoplasty. The open approach is easily combined with standard techniques of nasal hump removal and thinning of the nose. Recovery tends to be slightly more prolonged following an open rhinoplasty.

Secondary Rhinoplasty
Some people who have had rhinoplasty surgery in the past may wish further work carried out. This type of secondary rhinoplasty is often complicated and can require an open approach more often than an initial rhinoplasty. Sometimes other techniques such as cartilage grafting are required.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a specialised field where great improvements in facial appearance can be made. The surgery is demanding and substantial understanding of the underlying anatomy of the nose is required of rhinoplasty surgeons.