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Brow Lift

Some patients benefit from a brow lift procedure. As part of the aging process, or sometimes due to hereditary factors or medical conditions, the brow can become heavy or droopy. The problem affects both men and women. Brow lift techniques can lift the brow, leading to wrinkle removal and uplift of the eyebrow position. Techniques can involve endoscopic, minimal access or open surgery and this procedure is now commonplace in facial rejuvenation surgery. Mr Morley has particular experience in minimal access techniques utilising the most up to date fixation devices available.

Brow lift procedures are often combined with eyelid surgery, depending on the precise effect desired. Benefits of this surgery include facial rejuvenation and a reduction in the look of severity which can be associated with a heavy or drooping brow.

Some techniques of browlift can be performed under local anaesthetic but most require a general anaesthetic. The recovery is between 1-3 weeks. Bruising and swelling can be marked particularly around the eyes. Complications are not common but can include bruising and swelling and some numbness of the forehead is common although this is usually temporary.