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Return to full duties

Posted on 16th Nov, 2018

I am pleased to say that I have now fully returned to work. I would like to thank all my patients for their patience throughout this time.

Return to work

Posted on 21st Aug, 2018

Following an injury to my knee 5 weeks ago I am pleased to be able to say that I will be returning to work soon. I expect to return to consulting with patients and also operating by mid September. There may be some backlog with appointments but I hope to have caught up fully by the end of October.

Facial palsy symposium further updates

Posted on 16th Aug, 2018

During my recent attendance at the 14th International Facial Nerve Symposium in Los Angeles this year I also presented another aspect of my work in the field of facial reanimation surgery for facial palsy. The presentation was entitled ,’Safe and effective use of microsurgical techniques in the treatment of complex facial paralysis.’ The session involved extensive discussion as to the use of free tissue transfer in difficult cases. Free tissue transfer or free flaps means moving pieces of muscle from other sites in the body to restore movement to a paralysed face. In particularly complex cases for example where extensive previous surgery has been undertaken this can be technically challenging. I presented a series of cases of successful facial reanimation in complex cases and I hope the work will be published soon.

Facial Palsy Symposium

Posted on 09th Aug, 2018

I attended the 14th International Facial Nerve Symposium in August 2017 held in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This meeting is held every four years by the Sir Charles Bell Society and brings together experts from all fields working to help patients with facial palsy or facial nerve weakness. I presented three papers of interest at the meeting. I think the paper which was of the most interest was: 'Functional upgrade of partial facial paralysis utilising a cross face nerve graft and a nerve to masseter nerve transfer.' This paper details my recent experience in improving the facial strength of patients who have a facial weakness which is not complete using a nerve graft and nerve transfer technique. I was able to discuss my experience with other facial surgeons working in this field and I feel this technique has a lot to offer patients with a partial or relatively mild facial weakness. The technique is also sometimes indicated in patients with a more severe facial weakness if the facial muscles have not weakened or atrophied.

Temporary absence from clinical work

Posted on 22nd Jul, 2018

It is with great regret that I have to announce a temporary absence from clinical work. Due to a recent knee injury I have reluctantly had to discontinue clinical practice for a period of time. It is likely that my absence from out patient clinics will be at least 6 weeks and my absence from performing surgery will be longer. I will keep this post updated regularly but it is likely to be about 10 weeks before I can operate again depending on my progress. New patients wishing a consultation will I am afraid have to be patient. Those requiring follow up appointments will be contacted by the relevant hospital and where appropriate alternative arrangements will be made for them to see another consultant until I recover. I would like to apologise to those affected by this unfortunate accident and I would like to thank my many colleagues who have been so willing to help me out.